Monday, 10 June 2019

Role of Vitamins to improve the adrenal function in the body

The health satisfaction of vitamins includes their capacity to treat and prevent diseases such as high cholesterol levels, skin and eye disorders, and heart problems among others. Most vitamins ease the path of the body’s mechanism and perform the things for your body which no other nutrients can. However, all nutrients are equally important and vitamins for adrenal support is a vital cog which can’t be ignored.
The best part about vitamins is that it can be consumed in a range of ways. Vitamins are commonly acquired by the food that we consume. You may have lower or higher vitamin intake depending upon your diet but ignoring vitamin in diet can lead to various health problems. A multivitamin is regarded as arguably the best option for revamping the overall balance of your system. There are various forms of vitamins and each one has its own importance.
List of Essential Vitamins:
1) Vitamin A (Retinol) – Vitamin A is mostly useful in treating skin, acne, infection, and eye disorders. It is also known for speeding up the healing process when it comes to wounds. It is also vital in preventing cataract as well.
2) Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) – Vitamin B1 is helpful in preventing indigestion, heart diseases, and beriberi. It also boosts metabolism.
3) Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) – Vitamin C is helpful in preventing disorders related to infection, eyes, adrenal glands, heart disease, and inflammation among others. If you can’t consume it through food then vitamins for adrenal support are easily available in the form of capsules as well.
4) Vitamin D – Vitamin D helps in treating tooth decay, arthritis, rickets, and diabetes among others. It also helps in preventing osteoporosis. It is also beneficial in repairing bones and lowering blood pressure among others.
There are various other vitamins as well, and they have their own benefits. Having said that it is important to throw light on adrenal glands. Vitamins for adrenal support is utmost important as stress drain your adrenal levels that lead to fatigue and muscular weakness.
There are a lot of supplements available to protect you from such problems. AdrenaVen by Premier Research Labs is one such item. The best part is that it is good for all age groups ranging from 4 and up. However, one should consult their practitioner before using it. It is easily available on

There are various other useful products as well which are easily available on this platform. In this fast-paced life where people are left with no choice but to skip meals many times due to work pressure. It is proven that consuming just 2 capsules of Adaptogen-R3 can reduce your adrenal risks. In addition to that, products providing other vitamins such as Vitamin A, B, D, or K, etc. etc. are also easily available. Adrenal insufficiency can lead to adrenal fatigue, body ache,  weight loss, and hair loss because of adrenal fatigue. Why not choose the best supplements today and improve the adrenal function in the body to lead a quality life.

Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Enhance The Beauty Of Your Hair With The Right Products Naturally

We always talk about proteins when it comes to nutritional values, but a lot of us do not know that even our hair is made up of a tough protein called 'Keratin'. This lack of knowledge at times leads to taking wrong decisions about hair care that may land you in disaster. Even before you get into a situation like this let us understand about the best hair care products for natural hair.
Not everyone's hair is the same. Some have oily or greasy hair, whereas others have dry hair. At times, it could be a combination of both for some of us. There are different ways to take care of these different types of hair. Oily or greasy hair has to be washed 4-5 times in a week to stay away from the greasiness. Similarly, the range of products differs for every other hair type. Dry hair may need products that have a good amount of moisturizers in them.
Here are a few things to consider even before you set off to buy any product for hair care. There is an array of products available when it comes to hair care and all these products have to be selected and used carefully.
1) Shampoo
You go out to a beauty store and ask for a Shampoo or may be the best Hair Care Products For Natural Hair. Have you ever spared a few minutes to check if that is suitable for your hair type or not? Here are some basic tips.
a) Use Keratin based shampoo for damaged hair.
b) Use Clarifying shampoo if you have dandruff and any other impurities like greasiness.
c) Use Moisturizing shampoo for dry hair.

2) Serum
Hair serum is basically used to treat hair from outside, unlike oil that nourishes it from within the scalp. This is the quickest and effective way to maintain good hair health. You have to be extra cautious while using serums as there are a lot of negative effects associated with its application. Here are a few things you need to know if you apply the serum.
 a) Wash your hair before you apply serum
b) Take a small amount of serum in your palms and gently rub it on the midsection of the hair.
c) Wash your hair thoroughly to remove it later.

3) Conditioners
Many of us fail to realize that conditioners are formulated as per the different types of hair that we have. So there is a wide range of conditioners available out there. Let's know about it.
a) If you have oily or greasy hair look out for conditioners that can remove excess oil or you may just skip it as oily or greasy hair do not really require a conditioner.
b) Avoid moisturizing or smoothing conditioners if you have curly hair as it may rob your hair of the curly looks making them appear too heavy.

It is solubilized Keratin and it supports the moisture of skin and elasticity. It is toxin free and clinically approved which is useful to improve the health of your hair. It enhances hair strength and keeps your hair beautiful throughout the year.

Whatever product you go for, make sure you keep these basics in mind before spending your money. Choose a reputed company that offers toxin-free and clinically proven products which enhance the beauty of your hair.

Tuesday, 5 February 2019

Premier Research Labs Pink Salt - Why It's Better Than Regular Table Salt?

Pink Salt
Salt is important in food not just for taste but for many health benefits it offers us. The Premier Research Labs Pink Salt is a regular table salt to add robust flavor to foods, drinks, etc. The premier salt is a blend of two untreated and premium solar dried sea salts that gives critical trace elements.

How it is made?

This healthy salt comes from the Mediterranean Sea which is developed in blue, cool and unpolluted waters. It is an old method to get salt and this method is known as solar evaporation. Seawater is transferred via a line of evaporation ponds while the hot and dry climate along with gentle breezes moves the evaporation process smoothly and it leaves behind some sparkling white crystals. These are the crystals that contain valuable trace elements.  These elements you will not see in regular table salt used in the homes.

What it does and what it has?

The product is not meant to cure or treat any medical condition. This is just used to fulfill the nutritional deficiencies in a human being. The salt has potassium, iron, zinc, magnesium and many other elements which our body needs to function. It facilitates the cellular absorption of minerals. It is made of evaporating seawater and doesn’t contain a high amount of sodium chloride which a regular table salt has.

Premier Research Labs Pink Salt
Benefits of the pink salt:

1)   Improves digestion and maintains pH levels in the body:

Since the ancient times, salt is known as a precious mineral which has played a vital role throughout history and was also used as a currency in the Roman Times. It replenishes the body and balances the pH level.

It also improves digestion and relieves one from stomach pain naturally. If you really want to enjoy the benefits just add a few leaves of mint and Premier Research Labs Pink Salt to a glass of buttermilk and drink it. It will also cure stomach infections.

2)   It boosts metabolism: Metabolism in the body occurs due to some chemical reactions which maintain the health of cells and organisms. It is used for stimulating the metabolism in the body and finally improves the functioning of the body.

3)   Stabilizes blood pressure and boosts immunity: Pink salt is ideal to keep the blood pressure levels stabilized in the body. It is great for those who have hypertension. It is also capable to improve the immune system of the body.

4)   No more sinus complains: A lot of people have sinus and it is a severe problem that has affected many individuals. People cant work efficiently because of the sinus. Pink salt is a wonderful remedy that relieves sore throat infections, tonsils, dry cough, etc.


The lists of benefits are endless. Premier Research Labs Pink Salt has been designed by experts to meet the daily needs of the human body. All the nutritional deficiencies can be handled impeccably if you make this salt a part of your life.

Monday, 28 January 2019

The Use Of ZYTO Technology

Thousands of people have benefited greatly from Zyto technology or Zyto bio communication scan. The scan is useful to know what is going on in your body. The practitioners can scan number of things in the human body with the use of this technology. There is no room for mistakes with this technology. The body responds directly to the scan and you get proper and correct information. It helps the practitioners to advise their patients properly.

The main idea behind the biofeedback is that it helps the practitioners to be aware of the different physiological functions that take place in the body. It is an ideal way to improve your overall health or wellness. There is no place for the guesswork. The verbal communication barriers are eliminated with ZYTO. It will help you get insights about your personal wellness which you might have not been able to take care of in the past. Practitioners can ask you more relevant questions on the basis of this technology and hence you can make better decisions about your wellness.

How practitioners can benefit from this technology?

It is used by a hundred of practitioners in their field. No matter what type of a practitioner you are, ZYTO is the best solution to enhance client satisfaction and grow your practice. It is a powerful hardware and software that is designed to help you discover and remove the barriers to personal wellness.

  • Get direct data for better insights: Zyto technology is designed to improve the present client care procedures as you can see and get extra data readings directly from the body. The data can be incorporated with the client history, questionnaires and different tests that can help you ask better questions. Thus, you can offer better solutions to patients and give relevant services.
  • Achieve wellness goals quickly: Using ZYTO you can scan many stressors and balance digital signatures in a few minutes. You can collect a lot of data in a short span of time and it will help you in making an effective plan for your client which will allow your clients to meet their wellness goals.
  • Get clients anywhere: ZYTO technology is not just useful for the practitioners and clients to make great decisions regarding wellness in the office, but it also helps them to scan the clients outside the office. It has helped many practitioners to expand the practices globally.
How it can help individuals:

It will help you put all the pieces together of your personal wellness puzzle. This technology of ZYTO can help you keep the pieces of puzzle intact. The solutions are well designed to help in improving the problem areas of the patients so they can enjoy the best health and live a healthy life. Some common areas in which ZYTO can help are lifestyle, energy, relationships, detoxification, weight loss and much more.


So, these are just some benefits of ZYTO technology. It is a huge field and is helping many practitioners in a commendable manner. It has the ability to assist those in specific areas who practice holistic health.

Tuesday, 25 December 2018

Key Vitamins For Adrenal Support to Heal Adrenal Fatigue Naturally

adrenal fatigue
Suffering from adrenal support is no joke. You are constantly under the pressure of fatigue and tiredness in your body, which debilitates your ability to actively be involved in your social life, professional life and your family life.

In fact, your health takes the front seat at all times. You, almost every single day, wake up tired, even after getting a good 8 hours of sleep. You are completely rendered helpless and hopeless sometimes.

If this sounds familiar to you, you do need serious medical attention to get your adrenal fatigue treated.

What exactly is adrenal fatigue?

Adrenal Glands, present above your kidneys are glands primarily responsible for the production of stress hormones - cortisol, epinephrine and norepinephrine. The gland releases these hormones in order to serve as a stress and fatigue manager of your body.

The presence of these hormones is at the highest during the morning hours and the lowest during the night, when you are supposed to sleep.

However, in cases of adrenal fatigue, the production of these hormones turns out to be extremely low or extremely high during the day. Which is what causes the extra tired feeling in the morning, and the opposite during the night, which does not allow you to sleep peacefully. The prime reason, therefore, malfunctioning of the adrenal glands.

The situation might look easy to you but is a vicious circle, waiting to trap you in its darkness. 

zyto technology
Essential Vitamins For Adrenal Support
  • Omega 3 Fatty Acids

The presence of Omega 3s is specifically important to your diet when you are suffering from adrenal fatigue. They are considered the best when it comes to treating the condition. They are completely natural and anti-inflammatory and improve our body’s immune systems to counter mental stress and anxiety in the long run.

Omega 3s form a part of the essential vitamins for adrenal support for a reason! Not only do they promote healthy cell structure and fluidity inside, but also lower our stress levels down.
  • Ashwagandha

Also called the nature’s wonder and the Indian ginseng, Ashwagandha qualitatively works on your body to heal it and rid it of all the stress inducing symptoms. Ashwagandha also helps our bodies to treat and cure the blood sugar level changes and the changes in weight due to adrenal fatigue. And of course, it naturally helps us lower our anxiety, depression and stress levels down.
  • Vitamin C

Promoting the intake of Vitamin C rich food items, including oranges, lemons, bell peppers, etc. in your diet will work on combating the symptoms of adrenal fatigue. Adrenal glands benefit from the intake of Vitamin C in a great extent. Vitamin C is stored by Adrenal glands in the highest quantities. Adrenal fatigue often rids the body of the necessary amounts of vitamin C, which is why it is extremely important to keep a check on the intake of the same. Without vitamin C, one cannot look forward to the production of cortisol in the adrenal glands.
  • Licorice Roots

Another nature’s wonder - Licorice roots are a herbal way to energize your body on the inside, and helping it combat the excessive levels of stress hormones. Licorice roots promote the generation of cortisol as well, rendering it a best friend of adrenal glands. The excessive production of cortisol due to licorice roots will definitely help product greater body energy levels for you, helping you lower your stress levels down.

Adrenal fatigue can have overwhelming implications over your body. Avoiding the same is your best call! Invest in vitamins for adrenal support and change your life around.

Monday, 24 December 2018

Learn How Zyto Technology Became The Global Leader in Bio communication Technology

Zyto Technology
Internally, your body is an intricate map of well-connected organs. There is a constant connection between all your organs, systems and your cellular mechanisms. This constant need to connect is what makes sure you are alive and healthy at all times, even while you are reading this. Everything is going on a subconscious level, even if you are not aware of it.

Which is exactly what zyto technology tends to focus on!

Zyto Technology is an integrated software and hardware technology, put together by ZYTO, under the guidance of Dr. Vaughn R Cook through which the communication between your body is tested and checked to keep a track of your health. Biocommunication between your body’s systems and cells is what is studied by the Zyto technology. Zyto technology software focuses on taking advantage of your internal body patterns and tried to form a connection with you, in order to help you making your health better.

What is a zyto scan?

Zyto scan is a simple procedure, painless in all cases, that reads what your body is trying to tell you. Zyto scan technology interacts with your body, questioning it over essential matters and tries to record your body’s answers. The information that Zyto scan collects in this manner helps your healthcare provider proactively make better choices in treating you and helping you get rid of medical conditions that deprive you of health and happiness.

The scan captures energetic impulses that your body produces and tap those impulses to ensure better healthcare treatments are provided to you in the long run.

The duration of the scan can vary from at little as two to three minutes to as much as an hour. 

Zyto Technology
Zyto scan works in different ways for different people

All zyto scans are called biosurveys. Like any other normal survey, a biosurvey involves you answering certain questions. However, unlike the other surveys, these questions will be answered on an subconscious basis. The Zyto technology is capable enough to tap on the impulses to subconsciously derive answers from you. 

Different bio scans will include different questions and completely different answers.

Some scans might provide you insights with your general health and wellness, while some may provide you an insight related to specific body functions and processes. Some scans even throw light on the toxin and allergen levels in your body. This is what makes zyto scans a staple in medical decision making. Zyto technology is therefore, one of the most versatile biocommunication technologies in the world today.

No wonder it truly is a global leader. Almost every medical practitioner in the United States of America takes help of Zyto technology to make better healthcare decisions for the benefit of their patients. They are truly a wonder of manmade technology. 

How often should you undergo a zyto scan?

Zyto scan should be taken pretty seriously and regularly. An up-to-date whereabouts of your body’s mechanisms and functions is important if you look forward to maintaining a healthy future. Your healthcare provider will guide you better on this one, depending on the internal health and functionality of your body.

Safe, simple and accurate, Zyto technology is truly a global leader in the healthcare industry!

Monday, 26 November 2018

Are You Tired All The Time? Here Are Some Of The Best Vitamins For Adrenal Support!

If you see yourself struggling to get out of bed and function, almost everyday; if you see yourself relying on a massive dose of your morning coffee to help you function; if you are just feeling burned out almost every single day - you could be suffering from adrenal fatigue.

Adrenal fatigue is a real thing. Though not common, it is spreading like wildfire to many people around the globe.

Most people pass the constant feeling of being tired and fatigue as the lack of time to relax or blame it on their odd working hours and hectic schedules. However, your schedule is not the only thing that is causing this. There is a deep seated issue!

This deep-seated issue can be combated with some of the most natural and best vitamins for adrenal support.

This article will guide you and help you understand what is adrenal fatigue and how can you easily conquer this fight!

What is adrenal fatigue?

Adrenal fatigue arises from dark corners on the inside of our body. There are two adrenal glands, present right above our kidneys which are known to release multiple hormones every single day. These hormones are known to maintain our mental health, stress levels, and our biological equilibrium.

The more stressed out you are, the more these hormones work in order to protect us! Work, traffic jams, relationship issues, anything can cause these hormones to start acting up.

However, there are times when these hormones are not able to do their job properly.

This is where things turn wrong. Adrenal exhaustion begins when our bodies cannot make any more “hormones” that can cure the stress we feel. This is when we start developing constant fatigue like symptoms.

In the long run, this constant fatigue can hamper our body’s vital functions and responses. In this journey, the fight against bacterial, fungal and viral infections start to become tougher. In fact, if this continues to be like this, it could even lead you to the verge of cancer. 

Can western medicine help?

To an extent, yes.

But western medicine focusses on combatting the issue for a while, and not for very long.

For requiring a long term solution to adrenal fatigue, you need something viable and stronger.

This is where the best vitamins for adrenal support enter your lives.

Best vitamins for adrenal support are nothing but superfoods, antioxidants that can help cure the issue from deep within, on a permanent basis. But there is some effective supplements like Adrenaven By Premier Research Labs that is clinically proved to improve the adrenal health.

Here are some of the best vitamins for adrenal support
  • Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha, the Indian ginseng is known for its quality to heal all symptoms of stress. In fact, it also helps people cure all kinds of changes in our blood sugar levels and adrenal weight gain. In the long run, ashwagandha also helps people combat anxiety and depression related behaviour.
  • Vitamin C and Vitamin B5

Focussing on the intake of Vitamin C rich food and Vitamin B5 rich food will help you cure adrenal disorder to a great extent. Foods rich in Vitamin C - bell peppers, papaya, oranges and lemons, broccoli; along with foods rich in Vitamin B5 - Yogurt, Corn and mushrooms can ease all the symptoms of adrenal fatigue.
  • Omega 3 fatty acids

Omega 3 fatty acids are among the best vitamins for adrenal support for a reason. They are natural and anti-inflammatory. They promote our body’s natural power to combat mental stress. They also are known to promote cell fluidity to a great extent, which automatically helps bring our stress levels down.
  • Licorice Roots

Magical and natural - Licorice Roots are a natural and a herbal way to synergize our bodies to combat the excess stress hormones in our body. They merge with cortisol to enhance our body’s natural energy levels. People who face too much stress in their daily lives and are unable to produce enough cortisol to combat the same, need to meet their new best friend!

Do not let stress and fatigue define your way of living. Rely on the best vitamins for adrenal support to help you cure the issue from deep within.